USF Young Stars Camp

Our Young Stars Beginner's Camp is a half day program that starts at 9am and ends at noon daily.  The main priority of our Young Stars Camp is to teach players the basic techniques of soccer in a fun filled environment.  Young players are much more confident and creative if they are taught specific techniques at a young age.  The earlier a young player is able to master the technical components the sooner the player will begin to experiment with the ball and become more creative. We guarantee that your child will enjoy this weeklong program because all of the learning will be achieved with fun in mind.  At the end of the week your child will leave with the technical foundation necessary to become a creative and confident player. 

At our Young Stars Camp a cutting edge, innovative, fun and technical approach is used to teach young players in a manner unparalleled in the soccer community.  The methods we use at our USF Young Stars Camps tap into the creativity and imagination of a youth player.

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