USF Soccer Camps Refund Policy

Due to contracts with our service providers, travel arrangements that need to be made in advance with our Coaching Staff, and operating expenses incurred prior to the camp start date partial refunds can only be given, if requested in writing and received by our camp office no later then 30 days prior to the camp start date. A written refund request must be sent via email to our camp administrator’s email address at outlining the camper’s name, camp session, and request for refund, with a stated reason for cancellation.

Each camp has a non-refundable fee that cannot be refunded for any reason. The non-refundable fee for each camp is outlined below:

Young Stars ½ Day Training Camps             $25.00
Full Day Training Camps                                 $50.00
June Residential/Commuter Camp             $100.00


No partial refunds will be given, if requested less than 30 days prior to the camp's start date, unless it is in the case of a sudden medical illness or injury, during this time, that would prohibit a camper from participating at camp. During this 30-day period prior to camp, a partial refund (less the non-refundable fee) will only be given, if a written refund request accompanied by a doctor’s release, stating that due to the campers medical illness or injury, they would not be able to participate at camp. Both the written cancellation request and doctor’s release must be received by our camp office no later than 2-days prior to the camp start date.  No refund requests, for any reason, can be considered if received after the camp’s start date/check-in.


In the case that a camper needs to leave camp early due to a medical illness or injury, a partial pro-rated refund will be given, if a written refund request accompanied by a doctor’s release is received in our camp office, within 5 days of your child’s departure from camp. The partial refund will be calculated based upon how much time was missed at camp, less the non-refundable fee.


All cancellation/refund requests will be reviewed, and if approved, processed within 30 days from the date our office receives your written cancellation/refund request and doctor’s release if applicable. Partial refunds will be given in the same form that your initial payment was made.

Camp gear orders are non-refundable and items can only be exchanged at the camp check-in or check-out at the camp store, for a different size, as long as they have not been warn, and still have the original tags with no personal writing of names/etc. on them.

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